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Masoline Limited is a family owned business based in Glasgow. We are specialists in removing oil-based stains from all kinds of surfaces, industrial and commercial oven cleaning and tank cleaning. In our search for effective cleaning products, the brands we carry is the most effective with minimum effort in all applications. Our results are so good, we decided to share it with you via our online store. By using the Masoline range of products, you can restore your stained concrete, tile, metal and other surfaces to the original state. Our products are most effective in the cleaning of contamination that is difficult to remove, such as oil, grease, rust, lime, graffiti and the preservation (coating) of surfaces so that the surface remains clean or is easier to clean in the future. Masoline is an environmentally friendly product line with a powerful effect. The Masoline product line contains products for the industry as well as products for spotless cleaning in and around the home. In keeping with our philosophy, we only carry products that we have tried and have confidence in. Feel free to browse through our products page or reach out to us through our contact page for feedback.

For technical and sales support call: +44(0)1041 370808 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:50pm) or via info@masoline.co.uk

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